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mVenturesBcn grows and scales startups in its acceleration hub programme and tech transfer programme. We partner with accelerators, research centres & corporations.
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Startupbootcamp IoT & Data Acceleration Programme

Cubilog gives total control over any smart or wired home device.

Cubilog is a home automation platform combining hardware and software, integrating existing smart and dumb devices, all being accessible from a single cloud-based dashboard.

Datumize is simplicity applied to a complex digital world full of data.

Datumize is simplicity applied to a complex digital world full of data. “An unconventional and effective way to make data usable”.

Enter the digital age of science. Easily store, access, perpetuate data.

eNovalys is a new way to manage, share and exploit the 97% of unpublished scientific data. eNovalys is changing the paradigm of making science and accelerate the drug making process.

Muzze - unlocks the untold stories using our instant & smart audioguide app.

Muzze unlocks untold stories. With our smartphone app creating an instant audio guide is as easy as taking a picture and recording your story straight onto your smartphone.

The PaaS for health and wellness services.

Nuwe is a set of developers tools designed to simplify the development of health application, built on a core of intelligent technology and supported by a customization service.

Ôasys is an ecosystem that changes the way we experience water.

Ôasys is an interactive, wall mounted intelligent device. It is designed to take a central space in the home, in the view of everyone in the family represented by avatars.

Plytix offers brands a way to collect data from multiple e-tailers

Plytix provides a platform that enables brands to collect product based analytics data from each e-tailer selling their products, while providing huge cost saving applications for the e-tailers.

Selecting Key Data for IoT Applications

Our software solution employs newest techniques to reduce the amount of data generated by sensors by up to a factor 10 without compromising data quality.

We foster Social Responsibility through engaging people around good deeds

The Social Coin allows people, businesses, universities and cities to foster, track and share acts of kindness across our white label platform and our physical Social Coins.

Connectivity solutions for the IoT

“We enable everyone to immerse and create all kind of awesome Internet of Things applications, connecting people and things in a more human way and being part of this IoT cooperative community.”


Startupbootcamp IoT & Data Acceleration Programme

SaaS analytics start-up offering What-If scenario modeling on the cloud.

We’re a team of BI experts with experience delivering strategic analytical initiatives for senior executives.

Design IoT devices and apps for wellness.

At Excelera, we ease the integration of Sensor Systems in all kind of devices and markets.

We build deep learning natural interfaces for Internet of Things

A deep learning based AI that can be trained by developers using sample phrases stored in a text file. No need for developers to hard code conversation patterns ahead of time.

Knowledge management platform with internal communication and ML

SaaS knowledge management platform that uses online machine learning, to get real-time feedback.

Automatic task manager that knows what to do next (because it’s AI-powered)

AI based mobile task manager for balancing all life areas. We use our proprietary artificial intelligence algorithms to give you control over your life.

Our mission is to increase adherence to medical therapies.

Smart pillbox that provides the right pill at the right time, associated wearable reminder activates an acoustic signal to remind the elderly when it’s time to take the medication and get closer to pillbox to take them.

We develop the audio-visual speech recognition

Our solution uses additional video information, which allows as to improve voice recognition accuracy by at least 20-30 per cent.

Hiring tool for discovering the person behind the CV

Hiring a person based only on a CV, emotional cover letter, university degree or other certificates can result in loss or damage to your core business. Recualizer helps you recruit the right person with the right profile first time.

Where machines learn emotions

An online platform that helps companies understand consumer behaviours and audiences by passively tracking their emotional reactions through wearables.

A digital platform to connect micro merchants with stock suppliers & banks

Combining an ad hoc POS device and a digital platform to connect micro merchants with their stock suppliers and banks.

We focus on Wi-Fi network management, security, enhanced network planning and cloud Wi-Fi

WiMark provides a software solution for unified management of high-density wireless networks by using a sophisticated control of radio, network and authentication parameters.


Startupbootcamp IoT & Data Acceleration Programme

A multi-banking app and a personal finance assistant with great UX

A tool to combine different bank accounts and that provides you with smart advice on your finances

A universal user authentication system that is simple to use yet ultra secure

A simple and secure password less log-in solution that uses an audio communication protocol to identify the user.

Deployeth is and autonomous, intelligent energy management solution for restaurants

An autonomous energy management solution that reduces the energy consumption of small businesses up to 25%

With web push notificatons made simple by Frizbit

Digital marketing tool that automatizes the process of sending personalized web push notifications to drive customer engagement.

Galigu is the intuitive search engine for VR in the VR space

An intuitive and immersive search engine that helps you navigate in the complex world of virtual reality and connects the separates “islands” of high-quality content.

A new way to send your files. Super fast. Any size. Confidential

A rapid and fully confidential way of sending heavy documents from one user to another.

Discover the comfort of being safe. Do not worry anymore about your security

A powerful and fully confidential way of sending heavy documents from one user to another.

Prepare yourself for your dream job. Find the right talent for your startup

The place where talented students and cool early-stage startups connect and collaborate.


Numa Barcelona Growth Acceleration Programm

Deploy together. Fearlessly

Turns your software deployments into repeatable, manageable workflows. Bring your team together and ship better.

Better Pro 360º video workflow

Efficiency improvement tools for 360º professional workflows.

La tarifa plana de salir todos los días

The subscription platform to enjoy the live events of your city without ticketing fees. Concerts, clubbing, theatre....

The online platform to make your film projects come to life

Is an online marketplace to connect film projects in development with production companies and financiers around the world.

Your services in your guest's pocket

Connects guests whith hotel's staff through a chatbot within Facebook Messenger.

Discover your local trainers and workouts

The mobile marketplace to find and hire fitness professionals in your area.

Tu espacio por horas

On demand meeting room spaces that may be accessed via app or web service.

Elige entre miles de conductores

Low cost shipping services using free space made available in private individual's vehicles.

Who's cooking in your neighbourhood?

A hyper local meal sharing platform designed to bring communities together through food.

The infinite video experience

A social app to create user generated videos that adapt themselves based on participation/popularity.


The Collider Technology Transfer Programme

Next generation drug discovery solutions

Pharmacelera break the trade-off between accuracy and time in early stages of drug discovery by developing novel and precise molecular models and by using hardware accelerators to execute these models efficiently.

Minimization of the geotechnical uncertainty in civil works

Our aim is to reduce costs in large civil construcion works by minimizing uncertainty of ground materials implementing "backanalysis" as an automatic tool to analyze the terrain characteristics.